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Advertise With Us

eaVibes can help you reach an affluent and desired audience with integrated advertising and promotional programs. With various innovative categories of our weekly publication, we attract a lot of visitors on daily, weekly basis and our footprint is continuing to grow.

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Banner Ads
We offer banner ads of this class and dimension
728 x 90 — (The Leaderboard)
970 x 250 – (The Billboard)
300 x 250 — (Medium Rectangle)
336 x 280 – (Large Rectangle)
320 x 100 — (Large Mobile Ads Banner)
400 x 400 — (Large Square)
300 x 600 — (Large Skyscraper)
160 x 600 – (Wide Skyscraper)
Other Ads Form
We also offer some other forms of advertisements such as:
Text Ads — A text format link shown on our mobile and desktop site pages.
Video Ads — With advancement in technology, video advertisement is a powerful means of auto playing messages across millions of audience. We offer all kind of video Ads.
Sponsored Post — Do you have any product or render any services you want the world to know about? You can get a post or publication on our website on a weekly, and monthly basis!

Contact us today; as we are always open to considering new deal structure.