Alexander 23 – Fall 2017 (What If?) Lyrics

Alexander 23 Fall 2017 Lyrics, Alexander 23 What If Lyrics

I’m sorry I
I fell off the face of the earth
I just needed a little bit of space to be hurt

Cuz I don’t remember who
Who I was before I was yours
And I’m scared of feeling better
It’ll just make it worse

And I met somebody new
I think she likes me quite a lot
But I don’t think you’d like her
She’s too over the top

But I think it’s really charming
Falls asleep right in my arms
The problem is you burned a giant hole right in my heart

Will anybody ever make me feel the way
You did when I first met you in fall of 2017?
Will anybody ever make me feel alive
Or will I feel this dead until the day I really die?


What if nobody loves me again
What if I’m all alone in the end
Was I foolish to let your heart escape from my hands
What If nobody loves me again the way you did

Did I mistake our anniversary for an expiration date
or am I just lonely

What if?