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Bad Bunny – Compositor Del Año

Bad Bunny Compositor Del Año
Bad Bunny – Compositor Del Año

Bad Bunny Compositor Del Ano Mp3 Download Audio

Puerto Rican singer, Bad Bunny has released a brand new single titled “Compositor Del Año“.

The song serves as Bad Bunny’s entry after the lockdown. “Compositor Del Año” is an amazing record.

With production credit from Bad Bunny.

Listen and share your thoughts below:

Bad Bunny – Compositor Del Año

Bad Bunny Compositor Del Ano Lyrics

Ayy, ayy, ayy

As a kid an altar boy, as an adult a trapper
And a few more things that I did for money
I’ve never been faithful, ayy, not even to my barber
A superstar, but a human first
I have them running and I’m not a trainer
But that’s good, I make them be better
P fuckin’ R, we grew up in the heat
That’s the detail that makes me a winner
In France, I’m a fucking great composer
The haters aren’t felt, my day was nice
But a shooting ruined it from the hands of a white guy
And a dick sucking president that doesn’t do a thing
Black Lives Matter, rest in peace Kobe
2020 and racism is worse than COVID
A black with a gun, he’s already a criminal
But a white person gets hooked to it and says it’s a hobby
What happened, christian? Jesus isn’t watching anymore?
Or is it that you’re waiting for it to turn to watch over this mess?
I do have values, that doesn’t expire
The truth hurts them, they prefer the lie
But Little Richard was always better than Elvis
And the baby boomers haven’t been babies in a while
Women didn’t come from man’s ribs
It was us who came out of their pelvis
Fight, ’cause they gave me Composer of the Year
But not because of that thing that hurts us
For God’s sake, lady, there are more important things
Than sitting down to criticize the achievements of a singer
Like making the youth be voters
And get the fuck rid of who fucked us up before
I’ll put my people over my career
But there’s always an ignorant person that treats us as ignorant
More important things
Like fighting for the rights of immigrants
Like yesterday another bastard killed his lover
Like the American dream exists until you get up
And it’s fucking terrible that they don’t let you breathe
And that a badge is a license to kill
But being white is what makes you lethal
And that being black is what a white makes you, ayy
Easy to shoot, and it’s fucking great to go to the church to pray
And to run the risk that they could rape you
That’s worse than sinning and I can’t stop it because

If I could change the world I promise you I’d do it
And if my money would end poverty, I’d give everything
But no, it’s not my fault
Before I was born everything already existed
All that’s left is teaching and learning, living and growing
Understand that there’s always going to be something that’s going to hurt us
Have faith, believe that it is possible
To be able to be me, to stop being you
That’s the best award I could have