Belly – World Changed Lyrics

Belly World Changed Lyrics

I count this money then I count my blessings
If I ever took a L then it stood for lesson
I’m the motherfuckin’ one, ain’t no second guessing
Tried to dim my light but my soul fluorescent
I tried to stay but this shit depressing
I even prayed to God, He ain’t get the message
I’m living in the present, they gone feel my presence
You can’t dim my light ’cause I’m luminescent

I rose from the ashes of the smoking section
I seen a stranger in my own reflection
I point the Smith and Wesson in my own direction
I woulda did it for my own protection
Keep debating ’bout the goat, I’m the one like two, three, four, five
How you playing both sides?
How I made one million, two million, multi?
How I make eight figures, eight million, four times?
And I was under-utilized the whole time, it’s rigged
I guess they couldn’t find the gold mine, you dig?
The sheep sleep on me, but the goats co-sign
I stopped thinking ’bout the future cause we got no time

The world changed
The world changed
Yeah, I tried and failed
I’ve seen my best friends jailed
But betrayal was the real pain
The world changed

I built walls around the house
Fuck networking
All these bloodsuckers, I just hope this net working
Soul searchin’, broken hearted with my chest hurting
But I was gifted with the best cursive
I’m suffocating and my weight keep fluctuating
I showed love, how the fuck you hating?
I’m the greatest but that’s unrelated
I either overstayed my welcome or I’m underrated
Lately I been tryna wake sleepers
The fake woke and the gatekeepers
Too shallow for big fish, I stay deeper
We all gotta meet the same reaper
And the same make it, even if we never touch the same paper
Made enough for a surplus, fuck quotas
But the money brought us much closer
Used to be silent when they load up guns (Remember that?)
Now they sit around and upload ‘em
I swear the world changed

I swear to God, the world changed
Used to tell her that you love her
Now you can’t even remember that girl name
I swear to God, the world changed
World changed