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Galantis – Bones ft. OneRepublic (Official Video)

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Galantis – Bones ft. OneRepublic (Official Video)

Swedish electronic dance duo, Galantis releases the visual to their hit single “Bones” featuring OneRepublic.

Video shot and directed by AfterWeDead.

“This project was a rare occasion where our amazing team of animators, editors, and production nerds (Joe Cella // Pix3lface // Vince McKelvie // Sam Newell // Andrew Henry // Joey Bryars // Brian Beckwith) saw the album artwork and knew the concept straight away,” says video director Spencer Hord of AfterWeDead. “We wanted to do something conceptually simple, but visually challenging. The goal was to create a literal representation of ‘Bones’ with 3D animation, and merge these CG assets with a moody amusement park environment to create a surreal mixed-reality narrative. We shot the live action plates at Castle Park in Riverside – a small theme park in Southern California I grew up attending for various grade-school birthday parties. The location was much better than I remembered, and the production process became a nostalgic experience to say the least.”

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Notable lyrics;

You bring an energy I’ve never felt before
Some kind of chemical that reaches through my core
Feels like as far as you and me I never had a choice
You feel like home
You’re like the opposite of all of my mistakes
Tear down the biggest walls and put me in my place
I know that kind of comfortable you cannot replicate
You feel like home