Mariah the Scientist – Heaven is a Place on Earth Lyrics

Mariah the Scientist Heaven is a Place on Earth Lyrics

Said I’m climbin’ up the stairway to Heaven
Wonder what I might see from up there
Maybe mountains, maybe valleys of despair
Guess it’s true what they say, “In the end, we regret the chances we don’t take”

Maybe it’s best to make some mistakes
The greatest wins are not made from playing shit safe, but I do now
‘Cause I got shit to lose now
Dreams of us paintin’ a crib blue now, yeah

Think I’d give it up just for a Patek
Or bottle of Ace of Spades
Or one of these n***** tryna buy me a Wraith
I’d do that on my own, think again
Think of all the places I’ll see ’cause of this pen
All the blood, sweat, and tears put in this throne I built by hand
Can’t share it with just anybody
‘Cause everybody ain’t your friend

So in case this is the last letter that I wrote
Make sure it’s to my baby, saying, “One day I’ll be home
To kiss you on your forehead and tell you that I’m sorry
And at least your mama wasn’t no vibe in someone’s lobby
It’s been a year now and it’s always gon’ be hard
But at least I held you down and played my part”

Stuck wit’ you under blue skies
Stuck wit’ you in the dark
‘Fore we had to keep sticks and illegal tint on all these cars, but
Baby, I never promised you it’d always be the same
I only promised you my love will never change
Wish you told me that it would’ve been this dangerous