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Pastor Kumuyi Prophecies for 2021

Pastor Kumuyi Prophecies for 2021
Pastor Kumuyi Prophecies for 2021

Pastor Kumuyi Prophecies for 2021, Pastor Kumuyi Prophecies 2021, Pastor Kumuyi Prophecy 2021

The founder and General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor Kumuyi has released his prophecies for 2021.

I welcome you all into the year 2021, the first day in January. The previous year quite a tough one for the majority of the people all over the world, but we thank god for keeping and spearing our lives until this point in time. Glory and praise be unto God.

A lot of things happened last year that weigh us down but here we are today, among the living and giving praise to God.

Following what Pastor Kumuyi said during his sermon:

  1. “This year 2021 will be better than all the previous years that you have ever lived”
  2. “No pandemic will come near you dwelling in this year”
  3. “This year will be brighter and glorious for each and everyone in Jesus name and the grace of God will continue to abide with you”
  4. “God is opening a new chapter in your life. No matter what happened in the passing year, God can make the new year the best in your life”.
  5. “There will be divine supply and sufficiency this year”
  6. These are some of the prayers and prophecies said by Pastor Kumuyi in the year 2020.
  7. If you believe, claim it, share it unto others and state your opinion on these powerful words from the servant of God.
  8. I prayer that 2021 will be far greater, and better than the previous years. Happy New year to everyone.