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Qveen Herby – Juice Lyrics

Qveen Herby Juice Lyrics
Qveen Herby – Juice Lyrics

Juice Lyrics Qveen Herby

They love my juice
I’m a whole mood
No can no concentrate I’m fresh
Fresher than you

Orange jag got a heavy tag
You need a bop I need a bag
I been on fire and I lit the match
Sooner they love you the sooner they drag
Thats on my momma they cut you off like its a penalty
I just keep listening learning to better me
Fruits of my labor still moving respectfully
That’s how I’m keepin my juices on

Even when I hit a wall I’m always gonna find a way to
Pivot and see through it all I keep it optimistic
Ain’t nobody gotta trip at all they know I got insurance
If you tell me what I’m missin I’mma listen my endurance
Start a farm in California got no limits got no middle man
Them asses I was kissin got no business now I make the plan
They got no pot to piss in when my oranges nutritious
I don’t need you other bitches I got sun and I got vitamins

One hit wonder but I been on your radar 3-4 times now
Got no label read my natal chart that Leo bite down
I had to pause drop the babe I’m just a boss
Fruit the sweetest at the top
And when opportunity knocks
I’mma make a bigger better banger on a budget
I don’t need to overdo it when I do it how I want it
Doesn’t matter how I’m aimin I be shootin when I gun it
Doesn’t matter if I’m losin I’ll be learnin something from it
Never basic and they hate it wanna overcomplicate it
With the music that I make I build a life that’s elevated
Must be crazy no I’m zen again at least not overrated
Once you see the situation then you get it no debating
And its funny when it happens I be

Walking down the street and all a sudden see the damage
Cuz they know my face and talent been around since twenty eleven
While some other artists out here fuck around and cause a famine
Better drop it like it’s hot cuz I’ve been squeezing out the gallons
So much flowin I forgot this shit was supposed to be a challenge
Honey put a little back into it make em feel the balance
Otherwise they goin thirsty gonna flounder in your absence

Natural sweet it’s gotta be Qveen
Inside and out goodness me
Grove to the glass keep sipping dreams
They only hate cuz my produce is mean

I’m a bad bitch on the loose
Hoppin these hoes kangaroos
100M streams on the move
So I had to drop my debut
Once you vibe with it can’t lose
Recognize that it’s in you
Master your shit kung foo
All my bad bitches got juice

Written by; Qveen Herby

Qveen Herby Juice Lyrics